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    •    A Genius Leaves The Hood
    •    Black Church Inc.
    •    Bleaching Black Culture
    •    Father Forgive Him
    •    72%
    •    Gunland

    •    Dumb It Down
    •    Bottoms Up
    •    When The Checks              Stop Coming In
    •    The Swirl

The Swirl

There was a time when interracial dating was a taboo practice that could lead to physical harm or even death. Today it seems to be of greater acceptance as with celebrity power couples Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Ice-T and Coco. "The Swirl" takes a comedic look at this serious topic by digging into the cultural shift in attitudes around interracial relationships.

A Genius Leaves The Hood

The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z uncovers the price Mr. Carter paid for his success through recent controversies including the racial debate of the Barneys deal, feud with Harry Belafonte and clashes with community activists over the construction of the Barclay Center. The film also explores rumors of association with the Illuminati, a highly publicized separation from the Roc-A-
Fella crew, his estranged relationship with rapping mentor Jaz-O and break up with business partner Damon Dash.

Black Church Inc

Black Church, Inc. attempts to justify the dichotomy of the profits of prophets. It compares pastors who are seen as activists such as Rev. Taharka Robinson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Raphael Warnock with pastors who are criticized for being celebrity brands such as Rev. Eddie Long, Rev. Creflo Dollar and Rev. T.D. Jakes. The documentary takes a deep dive into
controversial issues clouding the church including "love offerings"(cash payments given to ministers), financial abuse and the deification of the mega-church pastor all while asking... is prayer-for-profit moral?

Bleaching Black Culture

From the stolen legacy of African civilization to the shaping of American and global trends, Bleaching Black Culture examines the impact African Americans have on art, culture, technology and more.

Father Forgive Him

In an era of mega-churches, televangelism and mass media, an evolution has occurred in modern-day Christianity across all denominations.  The church leader's pulpit has more power, influence and mystique than ever before.  On Sunday mornings, men and women of all faiths flock to their respective places of worship for prayer, devotion and redemption.   They seek relief for their misgivings and from their tribulations.  Often these congregants are made up of the most vulnerable and downtrodden.  However, what happens when these most desperate individuals are abused by and become prey to those very individuals whom they entrust to lead them to their salvation?  This film exposes the reality of today’s Christian Church culture and the abuse of power that so often exists.


Baby mamas, single mothers, deadbeat dads, absent fathers: these polarizing terms are commonplace in today's African-American community. Nearly 72% of black children are born
out of wedlock, and most are being raised by single mothers. Why is it that black men continue to neglect their parental responsibilities? Through the perspective of various experts, 72% looks into the reasoning behind the rise of single mothers in the African-American community. The film investigates the effects that colonization and slavery have had on the black family unit, which was once solid and intact.


The city that Oprah and President Obama call home has become marred by murder. In response to its staggering homicide rate, locals have coined it "Chiraq" (a hybrid of Chicago and Iraq). In 2012, Chicago averaged 42 homicides per month with nearly 70% of deaths caused by guns. Gunland begs the question, "Why Chicago?"

Dumb It Down

Exposing the entertainment industry for forcing prominent African American celebrities to tone down their intelligence in order to maintain relevance.

Bottoms Up

On the surface, "Bottoms Up" is a documentary film that examines the newest booming trend in aesthetic surgery - big butts. Placed under a microscope, the film explores the media's impact and other societal pressures that have propelled big butts from a cult fetish to a mainstream phenomenon.

When The Checks Stop Coming In

When the Checks Stop Coming In is a candid investigation into the lives of black celebrities who go from fame and fortune to downright broke. We look behind the curtain and into their lives to find out how they got into financial trouble.

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